• 19 days till the end of the year.
  • 13 days till Christmas.
  • 9 days of work and after that winter vacation for me.


Either way, I saw a good movie today: The Losers (2010).

I didn’t pick this movie randomly; I picked it because it had Jeffrey Dean Morgan in it. Well, he did play The Comedian in Watchmen and his name just stuck with me.

That and I find that he resembles Robert Downey Jr.; well, not all the time but with the moustache and when they are laughing they sure do look a lot alike. It’s a shame I can’t find some decent pictures to prove my point…

Moving on, the movie also has some other big names like Zoe Saldana from “Avatar”, Chris Evans from “Push” and “Fantastic Four” (and one of my all time favorites “Not another teen movie”), and that’s about all the actors I recognize.

Like in the “Watchmen” case, this movie is also an adaptation of a comic book that I never heard of until now. It might seem like I’m an ignorant, but I always preferred Japanese comics (mangas). And, unlike “Watchmen” this movie was far more realistic.

If I wouldn’t have my friend the Internet, I wouldn’t have known that it was an adaptation of a comic book. I could’ve sworn it was just another “Americans against terrorists” movie. Don’t get me wrong, I did like the movie. It had some scenes, mostly with Jensen (Chris Evans,) that were funny and cute at the same time. But then again, Chris Evans is funny and cute so that makes sense.

It was a very straightforward movie. Lots of things blowing up (including a helicopter with children), lots of guns, lots of fights and so on, lots of everything you can find in an action movie. The only thing that made this movie a little bit better, was the acting. They were all very natural and fit their parts well.

So, I’m happy with my movie pick for this weekend. That, and did you know that Chris Evans is going to be “Captain America”? I didn’t, I just found out.

Credits: The TubeTrailers