I could give excuses on why I didn’t start my photography project last week, but I was just being lazy and very tired from work.

I was thinking that maybe street photography isn’t for me and that there aren’t much things to photographs anyway. So, after a one more last effort I decided to look for some tips on street photography, for something that will prove me wrong and which will improve my morale or give a boost so I won’t give up.

So, I came across this page with 20 tips for street photography.  And from this page I ended up on this website: Eric Kim Street Photography. What interested me was this video in which Eric Kim goes out for a photo shoot and films himself while at it.

By watching the video I realised that at first glance not many places seem to have photo potential. I mean I wouldn’t even have bothered taking out the camera since that neighbourhood didn’t inspire anything to me. Yet some of the photos he took are really nice.

It’s amazing how the camera sees things in a different way than we do.

So, I decided to give one more try. This week shall be all about pictures. I’m still not sure how to post, how to present them or things like that. The one things I’m sure is that there will be a lot of photos. After all, Bucharest is such a dynamic city, even at the first hours of the day.

I will not let myself down. 🙂