I’ve been so busy in the past month its crazy. But I had lots of fun.

In a way I miss my free afternoons when I could stitch, knit, read books or watch a good movie but not that much. I’ve made new friends (they are really awesome) and I’ve been going out more.

And yet, with all the things that are happening right now I managed to have one nice weekend to myself and just chill on the sofa watching Ghibli movies.

And yes, I just saw The Secret World of Arrietty.

To my surprise I found myself longing for those beautiful summer days of my childhood. Those days when I would just not care about the rest of the world, the days when being barefoot was the norm and when time was much slower than it is today. And I came to the conclusion that all the Ghibli movies have this effect on me.

I’m blaming the visuals.

My first reaction when seeing the movie was “That’s Howl as a kid!” and then that soft voice just killed my senses instantly. I get goosebumps just by thinking about it.

Overall it was a good movie to watch during a lazy summer afternoon. It just takes your mind away and makes you wish you had your own private garden with beautiful flowers.

I am now planning on watching From Up On a Poppy Hill. I somehow believe I’m going to enjoy this one a little bit more, because the story is unknown to me.