It’s incredible how fast these months have gone by. I just can’t believe that we’re already in July.

Gosh this is crazy.

Well at least I’ve been a bit more active then I was last year. Last year was a wasted year from all points of view except stitching. Well, this year my stitching time has been reduced to 30% and the rest of my free time has been filled up with learning Japanese, going out, visiting relatives, watching anime (which I missed so much) and even shopping with friends.

Even so, I’m still behind my 2011 schedule. I should be starting learning German as well that and I was supposed to take some classes.

Oh well… I still have 6 more months.

Speaking of stitching, I am trying my best to finish my cat project and I just seem to have lost all my liking of this cat. I seem to be dragging on and even if I stitch for a couple of days in a row it just doesn’t seem to end. It’s weird.

This is the current state of the project:

I have a few more areas that need to be finished yet I can’t seem to find the energy to work on it. But I will, I can’t leave the poor cat like that. It would be a shame of all my hard work.

And just to regain my stitching mojo, I started a project that I know my mother will love: “Farmer from Muscel” or “Tarancuta din Muscel” by Grigorescu. It’s a very well know painting by a Romanian artist and I must say, I love it as well. I bought the kit from Krif and it has 29 colors. It’s easy to work on and I started with the hardest part of it just to be sure I can handle it.

I don’t have any recent photos but this is how it looked like after just 3 hours of stitching:

I’ve worked a little bit more on it and I’m starting to realize that there are major differences between the original painting and the kit I bought. I realize that I can’t have the same result with just 29 colors, but some of the shades are really off. I was thinking of changing some shades but I’m afraid that the end result will be even more different from the painting. I’ll just have to stitch and see how things evolve.

I’m also happy to report that my Japanese is going well even if I haven’t really learned any new words or anything. I’m still focusing on learning the Hiragana characters. I read on many blogs that it’s best to start reading directly with the Japanese characters rather than learning to read with romaji. That makes sense and from the Japanese blogs I visited I found out that not many use romaji. Actually almost none at all.

Again, I’m hoping that by the end of the year I’ll have the Hiragana and Katakana characters memorized.

Hmmm, I’ve noticed I’m hoping for a lot of things lately. I’ve haven’t been this hopeful in a long time.