Believe it or not, Summer is here! Yup, I don’t thing Spring even had a chance. One day it was gloomy and cold, then it was sunny and hot.

I’m already advancing on many of my goals for this year, but on some I’m way behind. For example, I missed all my classes at university so I need to get everything from my friends. I also have to hurry since finals are coming. I’m broke and pay day is far away (10 more days to go; yup that sad), so my savings plan kinda went out the window.

But on others I’m doing good. I finished Spring cleaning. Everything that wasn’t used was boxed away under the bed, everything that wasn’t needed or used in years was thrown away and I’m still thinking when I should handle my wardrobe.

So, I’m cleaning up my life starting with my living space. Believe it or not, that’s a good way to start. Small steps, small steps..

I made a list for May. It’s small, realistic and very doable.

– Pay my university taxes.
– Pay off the bills.
– University stuff. Finals are coming, brace yourself.
– Perfect legs! I need to take out the lawn mower ^0^*
– Bye Bye Tummy! (Meaning no more soda, fat foods and junk food, starting tomorrow)
– Finish my Japanese project. (I found the perfect learning “thing” for a lazy bum like me)
– Finish the tulips needlepoint!
– Finish two books.
– Shoes, tee’s and summer stuff.
– Have fun in team building and take lots of photos.

And that’s it. I don’t need anything else.