Thoughts in the middle of the night:

thoughts in the middle of the night

It was a productive weekend. I slept one day and the other one I was a busy body. I have managed to clean the house (finally!), cook (it’s been a while) and even wash half of the dirty clothes.

Doing stuff always helps me relax and put my mind at ease. Being productive is a good thing for me. I even had the time to watch a Bollywood movie and start the second one! That is a rare occurrence these days.

For a brief moment I felt the good old days. I really do miss having no responsibilities.


Of course I had to wake up in the middle of the night. The furry ones wouldn’t have it any other way. Why sleep for more than 6 hours at a time? And the best part of this is how they (Pluto & Marlanu’) went back to sleep. They had their way with me – one wanted a walk outside to pee and the other wanted food – and now, they left me all alone in the loving room.

It’s just me and my computer.


The new shifts for work have been handed out. There is just one night shift that starts at 11 PM. Till now, there were 2 of them. It’s not a good omen. Yet, I am not sure if I should go for the morning shift or try the same old shift I had till now. While the morning shift is really attractive, it also pays a lot less. I hate taking decisions, especially when I am tired.

I shall have to wait till tonight, when I’ll start my shift to see exactly what are my chances at getting what I want (if I can decide till then).

Until then, I plan on cleaning my poor PC and figuring out what I can do in order to make things better. Or at least to make things like they used to be: simple and fun.