I’m currently looking for a cross stitch pattern. I am looking for something simple and cute. This was supposed to be something easy and quick. Well, there are a lot of simple and cute patterns out there. The hard part is choosing just one to stitch.


To sew.. or not to sew?

I think most stitchers out there have the same problem as I do: to sew.. or not to sew?

There are so many patterns out there that is really hard to pick just a few. Considering stitching is a time consuming hobby (it can take from one week, to a couple of months and up to years to finish one project), it’s very hard to decide what will be the next project.

I find it difficult to actually finish my current projects. Hence, I try to vary between large projects (needlepoint projects that will take more than a year to finish) and small projects (mostly cross stitch patterns that can be found for free online). And yet, I cannot fight the urge of buying or downloading new patterns.

There are so many patterns out there. I want them all. It feels like Pokemon. You start off with 150, and then realize that there are more and more as each year passes.

Should I go with a cat, dog, owl, or that cute mouse? Maybe a landscape, or a bookmark? Or, how about some Adventure Time? Why not Harry Potter?

This is such a drag. At this rate I won’t get the chance to do anything. I hope I will make up my mind till morning comes. I want to take advantage of this weekend and actually do nothing productive with my time. I just want to chill, while listening to audio books and let my hands work on a new project. That sounds just perfect to me.


Still searching. This is becoming a real struggle.