I am starting to feel like Valentine’s Day is becoming more and more like Christmas. The only difference is that I forgot to buy gifts, or more like I thought we had an agreement that no gifts will be purchased this year for Valentine’s Day.

Well, Johnny surely surprised me.

I woke up looking at a red rose and a black box with a silver ribbon on it. Inside it, 2 BB cream’s: a cleanser and a face cream. BB creams just appeared on the Romanian market so I was really surprised that Johnny actually went to a drug store and bought them for me. And he didn’t buy the imitations he bought the real deal.

I was shocked! Really, I was just shocked.

And that was not all, in the evening after Johnny came from work he opened his backpack and got out a new photo camera!


I actually started crying a little. I mean, I bought nothing and here comes Johnny with things that I wanted and for which I was saving for. And I was just staring at him thinking “I have no idea what to buy for you“.

I am in such a happy state right now. All I need is a case for the photo camera and I can take it with me without having to worry that I will ruin it.

IMG_0396So, now lets plot on what should Johnny receive for his birthday in March.