Weekend vibes

And so ends another weekend. It was not extraordinary, nor did amazing things happened. But it was one of those weekends that matter and shall be remembered.

It was a rainy and cloudy weekend, filled with household chores, trips to the store and the regular things that we normally don’t get the chance to do during the week. It was memorable because we visited one of the museums that we went together, about 6 years ago. 

I still can’t believe that we haven’t been to it in such a long time, but there it is. We visited the National Technical Museum Dimitrie Leonida. It has changed, in some ways for the better in others for the worse. For example, a bad thing, they do not have any souvenirs for sale. Last time I got a leather bookmark (which I still have an cherish). But, they have new models on display and the lighting inside is better.

At the entrance we had a surprise, an old Cadillac.I am not great with cars, but it seemed to be in a good shape. 

I think they even repainted it the walls, and added new photos and paintings. A few more rooms were opened to the public, and a few others were being prepared to be opened to the public.

Of course there were the old cars (the Oldsmobile and a few others). But, this time the motorcycles took our attention. They were small and old, and on some of them we could see the rust. Still, that didn’t took our from their charm.

Of course, I have lots of photos (after all, I paid the photography tax!). It is really hard to pick which photos to post and which not. 

They even had a small section of household appliances. It is amusing to see how small everything was back then. I guess, we (humans) grew taller with time and we started taking up more space.

I missed going out and visiting places. Even places that we’ve been before. I’ve always waited for the weekend, but it has been a long time since I took advantage of my free time and just go on adventures

I guess, we’ve been caught up in our daily routines and became once again, comfortable with doing nothing and just rest. Not that it is a bad thing to be comfortable and rest after a long week, but sometimes a bit of fun activity is more restful than any nap. 

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