Well, I don’t what all the cats do during winter time (I’m presuming they are trying to stay warm), but I do know what a certain cat likes to do during winter time.

This kitty is really special cause she was saved by a little kid (he’s in the third grade). He saw her getting beat up by others kids and he took her home. She was in a really bad condition, but the child and his grandmother took really good care of her and now she’s doing really well and she’s a beauty. Also, she’s a lot of fun and I like the fact that she doesn’t use her claws (unlike Johnny’s cat, Suzi, which can cut you like a knife) when you play with her.  

The best part is that the child saved last year a puppy (which has grown to be a really big dog). Now, they have 3 dogs, 4 cats and a parrot.