We went, we voted and we waited for the results. Last night all the TV stations said that Mircea Geoanawon. They (PSD – Partidul Social Democrat) were actually celebrating last night. I was actually thinking “We’re screwed, the comunnists are back“.

I woke up this morning, got to work and I heard that Basescu won (from the radio stations). The TV stations are still saying that Geoana won. But, people are saying that the TV stations are lying (cause they are owned by people in the Democrat party) and they (PSD – Geoana) are trying to make things work in their way and that they aren’t relying on the actual voting results

And my question is: “Who the hell won the presidential elections?”

Geoana or Basescu?

This is really a stupid situation and I never seen such press manipulation before. And that just confirms my belief that you shouldn’t watch TV, it just makes you stupid.