Yesterday, father was at the country side to get wine for my brother incoming wedding (aka this Saturday). But that wasn’t the only thing he brought back.

My arms started hurting while lot’s of wild flowers, that grow this time of the year. I am not that crazed about flowers, so I wasn’t impressed with them. So as I stood there sorting them out and putting them in water, I noticed that father brought back more then flowers.

On the wall there was this pretty green cricket. It was really cute and I think he was confused cause he was moving very slowly. At first I got the shoe to you know hit it, but then I took the camera and got some ummm blurry pics of it (the lighting in the kitchen isn’t all that great), and after that I got a piece of paper and well he flew all the way down into the garden downstairs. I must add I live in an apartment building at the six floor. Anyway, here is a picture of the cricket.

Well, on another note, today Johnny had another driving lesson and it seems that the instructor asked him to take notes. That’s a first. As far as I knew, driving instructors, here, ask from students money not to take notes. So I guess he just got a really good instructor. Good for him.