And the Wonder Girls are back!

And the Wonder Girls are back! What a better way to start off the week, than listening to the newest song from the Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls

Seeing the teaser images I was expecting something “Like Money” (which I liked very much). Yet, we got a something a retro sexy song. While I can’t deny that the visuals in the video are amazing (they are really beautiful), the song doesn’t do much for me. It sounds a bit flat. Yes, I am a fan, but fans can be disappointed as well. JYP has such a beautiful and talented group. He can do so much with them if he would take a bit of risks. Like letting them sing and give them an awesome song.

I am now awaiting for the entire album to come out. Maybe there’s a hidden gem in it, like it was in their last album “Wonder World”. While I wasn’t that smitten with their title song at that time, I fell in love with “Stop” (track 6 on the album).

 Oh well, I am happy that they didn’t go off the radar completely. That doesn’t mean that I want them to become a group like Girls Generation, where the songs only become famous because of the huge fan base. I want songs that while stay on my mp3 player for years to come. “Nobody”, “Tell Me”, “So hot”, “Stop” and “Like Money” (plus the songs from SunMi and YeEun, from their single comebacks)  have been on my play list ever since they came out. I doubt this song will make it.

Oh well, Wonder Girls hwaiting!

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