This weather is messed up. I’m thinking this white Christmas business isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

And even if my all time wish for Christmas (lots of snow) won’t be happening this year, I’m surprisingly in a good mood. Well, the surprising part is that I’m feeling good when I should be pissed off.

Does this mean I’m more mature in my thinking? I doubt it. I just gave up on actually giving a damn about what comes out of her mouth. I shouldn’t go mental when I’m planning on making some changes in my life.

It’s that simple.

On a brighter note:

  • I’ve found this awesome Tumblr blog: Studio Ghibli Gifs. As the name says, it’s full of gifs from all the Ghibli movies. It’s an awesome find for fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s work . I’m probably going to use some of the gifs in my future posts, but I wanted to share it.
  • Yesterday I spent all the afternoon with my best friend. This is a rare get-together since we have such different schedules. The fact that it was pouring didn’t stopped us one bit. We went shopping and out for a small dinner, if you could call having dinner eating fast food on the streets.
  • I bought a new dress for Christmas. It is probably the nicest thing I bought ever. Simple, elegant yet not to pretentious and I look great in it. I couldn’t have asked for more. I’m sure Johnny will approve once he sees me in it.
  • Two more days off work and then a week off!

It might not be much but these simple things keep me going.