Oh what a full day I had.

Yesterday it was my oldest brother birthday and he planned on taking us out for dinner and movie. So, after 10 hours at work, we packed and left for the Mall.

Now this may not seem as something amazing to others, but in my entire life this was the second time I went to the movies with my oldest brother. You see, there’s an 11 years difference between us. And that’s a big difference in social life.

Anyway, it was fun.

At the movies I was mesmerized by all of the banners with Harry Potter. They showed the trailer every few minutes. But we didn’t see Harry Potter. Oh no, we had to pick between “You again” (chick movie) and “Due date” (guy movie). Well, because one of us already saw “Due date” we went for “You again”.

Needless to say, all the girls (including me) liked the movie and all the guys didn’t.

It wasn’t great but it wasn’t that horrible either. It was okay to watch after having a really long day at work.  We didn’t have to force our brains out or anything. It was a simple family movie. And that’s about all I can make my brain say of it. It gave us a few laughs but I’m sure that in a few months I’ll probably forget seeing it.


You know, right before the movie started they showed the trailer to “Morning Glory”. Now, why would that catch my attention? Simple, Patrick Wilson! I’ve seen one movie with him but that was enough for me to remember/recognize him.